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my promotional keepsake book.

2012-04-02 07:34:04 by faace

I have a 23 page promotional keepsake book. It illustrates how i became an artist and how ive changed.

Check it out here: ecap-on-how-i-got-here-right-now/paperback/produ ct-18947310.html

my website is


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2012-04-02 13:37:55

Well... good work on your animated anecdotes; they were very pleasant.
Your work looks like cell animation, what was used to make these two pieces (transferring and software)? Oh, if no one's said it yet, welcome to Newgrounds :3

faace responds:

Hello! Thank you for the comment! i just used pan and zoom on imovie, really easy but effective. And no, your the first :) really like this website!